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The Cassandra Project

the cover of The Cassandra Project

The cover of The Cassandra Project

Jerry Culpepper is a PR man and former political operative who landed a job as NASA’s Public Relations Officer.  This former hired gun has become a true believer in NASA and its ideals, and is increasingly disappointed in those who pay the agency mere lip service (before slashing its budget — yet again).

“Bucky” Blackstone is an eccentric multibillionaire who has decided that private enterprise must pick up where NASA left off and go into space on its own, lest “the dream of the stars” be lost in an increasingly difficult workaday world.

These two unlikely partners will team up to find out just what was really going on during the so-called “manned development Apollo missions” that were preparatory to the mission made famous by Neil Armstrong’s moon walk, and how it was connected to the Watergate break in.

This book, based in a world as close as today (and as realpolitik as yesterday), is blessedly free of sci-fi jargon and made up words. Though still satisfiably science fiction, this book has none of the fabulosity that marks the outliers of the genre, and could be considered a good entry point to science fiction for those who have steered clear of it before.    In fact, it is less science fiction than it is an alternate history — but going too far down that path would inevitably lead to spoilers.  Fans of such history revision thrillers as The DaVinci Code will enjoy this book, no matter if they are sci-fi fans or not.  However I found the denouement to be somewhat stock-thrillerish and  a bit overwrought.  Still, it was a nice distracting read, suitable for airplane or beach reading.   It wasn’t deep reading, or deeply thought out writing, but sometimes you don’t want those things in a book — sometimes you just want to be transported.  And this book does that admirably.


I would recommend this book to sci-fi or alternate history fans, or to fans of such popular thrillers as The DaVinci Code.

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Note: I bought this book for myself, and it is available for purchase by the general public.