What to Expect of Me

Expect honest reviews from me.  I don’t do puff pieces and I don’t do hit jobs; I write honest reviews.  My opinion may differ from yours and that is ok.  But what I write is what I think. This blog is done for love of books and reading, not for profit.  That is the basic bottom line.

However, the FTC and my outsize sense of ethics both require me to go into more detail.  So here is the fine print:

I do not guarantee that I will review every book I receive. For those books that I do review, I usually write a review within one to three months of receiving the book. However I cannot guarantee a review within a specific time-frame. I do make exceptions to this policy, so if you need a review done by a certain deadline, contact me and we’ll work something out.  Reviews generally (though not always) range from 400 – 1000 words, and reflect my honest opinions concerning the book. Because of this, I cannot guarantee a positive review. Reviews are posted to this blog first, and then to Amazon and LibraryThing, as those options become available.

I receive free Advance Reader’s Copies (ARCs) from a number of places.  If the book I am reviewing was received free of charge I will mention that fact in my review. If there is no mention of where I got the book, it can be assumed that I bought the book, borrowed it (from the library, a friend or a family member), received it as a gift from friend or family, or downloaded it for free off the internet because it is in the public domain. I do not participate in any sort of affiliate program. All the links that I provide are for the sole purpose of providing additional information about the book to readers. I do not receive any points, rewards, or money for these links.

I reserve the right to give away any physical review copies sent to me (via this blog, or personally). An ARC will not be given away until after its the publication date provided. I reserve the right to use the book cover illustration as well as quotations and excerpts from the book in my review as stated under the Fair Use Doctrine.

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